21 July 2010

on the move

I've neglected my blog lately but doesn't that sound familiar?!? Life lately has been a bit of a whirlwind of emotions good and bad ones but at the end of it all I know all these changes/emotions will only sharpen my heart and spirit to uphold me even stronger for whats to come. One of the "whats to come" things is me re-locating once again! Moving to LA & this time actual LA not Orange County haha

As a kid my parents always took my younger brother and I on 1 big family vacation every summer I think that is what instilled this eagerness to travel & always on the lookout for the next thing to move & see and I feel like that has been becoming reality beginning with last year. Started with Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, Visalia, NYC, Visalia & now LA. Ive loved the journey up until now and I am even more excited for this next one.

I will finally embark on pursuing my interest in the fashion industry working as a PR/Marketing intern for a fashion PR company in Santa Monica...soo here it goes...bye visalia & hello LA.

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