14 June 2010


IS&HF has been keeping my fingers busy!

This is just some of the what i've made lately, I have enjoyed more of the jewelry side lately 1-because it's not as painful on my fingers when making the little clutches 2-I feel like I can get a little more creative with it using different beads, chains, fabrics etc.etc.

SO here is a glimpse of what I've done...and I am FINALLY on etsy. Just have one item right now, I want to finish a complete 'line' and do a photoshoot with it and do it right...and well that takes time...so be patient and follow me on here and once it's done well then you can purchase it :)

Hope your summer has been going fabulous, I know mine has!

I've posted this one before, but I love it so much I am posting it again and letting you know that you can know have the same design of necklace with blue stripes ;)
this necklace is featured on a vintage long chain with soft rope wrapped arond the bottom half of the chain with FRAY CHECKED ruffles! $25.
These are headbands and the ruffles can be made in different fabrics.


thekralice said...

great pictures :D!
take a look at my blog aswell and leave a message, please :D

Anonymous said...

I love your etsy stuff :)

you should check out my site too, www.lifeofashopaholic.com. You can follow it too by clicking on the google Join bar at the bottom and your icon/link will show up on my site :)