22 July 2010

rumi does it again.

rumi wearing a vintage Moshino belt that is also seen on alot on Andy from Style Scrapbook

rumi neely from the blog Fashion toast and forever 21?!? INSANE collaboration. I am continuously surprised with what Forever 21 has been coming out with. Having a 'college student' budget and not having a ton of money to spend on the YSL Arty Oval ring that Rumi is seen wearing 2 of, I almost swear by F21, Zara & H&M. Why?!? Because their ON TOP of upcoming trends and their super affordable.What I appreciate even more though about F21 lately is that their becoming a brand where they are catering to their customers by being personable by being more involved with the social media hype that is going on with Facebook,twitter,Chictopia ,you tube blogging etc. and not only just raving about their clothes but music their team is listening to and and showing us what the celebrities are wearing on the runway now.

I mean everyone knows that right now the fastest & most influential people in the fashion industry is bloggers & here comes F21 putting Neely on the forefront of their new campaign & all over their new times square store. Bloggers are powerful in the sense they attend the fashion shows, preview upcoming lines and they don't have to wait months until it prints on magazines they put it up on their blog the next day for readers to soak up. LOVE IT!!

So enough of my chatting here is some of the looks Rumi has put together for F21 and a behind the scenes video on the F21 photoshoot

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