12 January 2010


Well -one- of my new years 'themes' this year is to be more creative and be more confident in my creativity. SO when I started these little pouches last night I started thinking...to many times people who are labeled as 'artists' sometimes shy away with displaying their creativity because of the possibility of people thinking that they are displaying their photography,painting etc. to do it for 'show' or 'look at what I can do' and you know what...to put it in a blatant form, it sucks that people think that.

I believe and even started a project on pushing and encouraging people to go forth and display their creativity because when you do you are being 1-vulnerable to showing people this is what I did and chance people not liking what you've put out there and criticize your art 2-you are displaying a gift that the Lord has given you to display and its a reflection of HIS creativity 3- its an invitation to a possible new relationship with others who come across your art.

so I really really hope that more 'artists' be encouraged in displaying their creativity and being confident of this gift, because its just another way that the Lord can be reflected in a medium in which many many people can relate too.

and here is one of my little ventures for this year...these are card pouches! They are so fun to make & hope you like them as well. Let me know if your interested!

I can make it in different fabrics for you as well and different string color!

Live out love.

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