14 January 2010

looking forward to spring!

My current weathers conditions are foggy days with some sun, key word being SOME, really cold at night and you HAVE to wear layers of clothes to keep warm outside but not get hot while being inside and let me tell you, I strongly dislike this weather! So looking at the Spring look book for H&M's newest line the 'garden' I found my self wishing I was able to go and pick up some of these pieces & wear them, but until then I will look at these pictures counting down the days till spring!

This new line has amazing price points starting at $9.95-(yes re-read that again!) and the highest item priced at $59.95! The entire line is made of organic and recyclable materials and the way its produced is by using sustainable materials or using recycled PET bottles or textile waste. Now if your unsure of what sustainable materials include here is the info. on that, it includes: Organic cotton, cotton that has been grown without the use of hazardous chemicals; Organic linen, linen that has been grown without the use of hazardous chemicals; recycled polyester, polyester made from PET-bottles or textile waste; and tencel silky, renewable material produced with minimal environmental impact.
Hope you all LOVE this line as much as I do!



adorable red dress...

Marissa Van Groningen said...

love your blog....give me these clothes now!!!