09 December 2009

lady & the babes

Jennifer Coleman is a lady who for a while has constantly inspired me with her style & just overall positive attitude...so in light of this month of inspiration i was able to ask her some questions about things that inspire her & list of websites she goes to for her daily dose from everything to fashion,art and design. She also is expecting & is going to be a mother to their 'babes' next year! So in this time of typical pregnancy dilemmas like gaining weight and our favorite clothes not properly fitting, i was able to ask her about what she is doing!

So lets start....
Q1- dying to know what you think of the stella McCartney designs for gap! Is the little babes going to be sporting the hightops with the military jacket?!?

I am OBSESSED with the Stella stuff for GAP! i browsed thru it all yesterday! I wish they had more for infant size though! My little guy wont be able to rock the military jacket for a while, but i absolutely love it and think its so cool she collaborated w GAP

Q2-what are some key 'essentials' you have in your wardrobe just cant go without?
Key essentials for my pregnancy wardrobe are TIGHTS,LEGGINGS! so much more comfortable! esp with a baby boy in your belly! they sit lower than girls. I wear black leggings everyday and boots, long AA tanks with a motorcycle jacket or Cardi, just layer it up and stay comfy!

Q3- if you could describe your style, how would you describe it?!
like I said before I try to stay comfortable because im getting bigger every week! I maintain my pre pregnancy style and still buy the things I would normally wear just go up a size! just simple and still edgy. i haven't caved in and bought anything 'maternity' yet.

Q4- for most pregnancy can be styling 'night mare' but what are some things you've embraced about it? and whats changed in the way you style your outfits?!

Im not gonna lie, it is hard looking at a closet full of clothes and shoes that dont fit anymore. I love fashion, always have! So I just try and make it work the best I can and stay creative! Just because im pregnant and gaining weight (already 18 lbs!!) doesnt stop me from wearing what i like! I actually feel like i am more inspired to put outfits together now that im pregnant and try new things! I think its important to look your best and feel good about yourself! just mix and match till you find what works best for you.

Q5- what are some of your daily websites for daily inspiration for just 'life' in general? (motivational/uplifting,fashion,art, etc.etc.)

lefashionimage.blogspot.com - fashion
www.knighttcat.com- fashion
jakandjil.com - fashion

ffffound.com/ - art
designspongeonline.com- inspiring decorating ideas

www.drwaynedyer.com/ - motivational/inspiration/good vibes :)
Q6-gotta ask it. your 'life' quote :)

There is a voice in the Universe urging us to remember our purpose for being on this great Earth. This is the voice of inspiration, which is within each and every one of us.

and my husbands tattoo - 'Follow your bliss' - he is my inspiration ♥

A lot of people look to magazines, the runways etc. for style inspiration and without a doubt I myself look through those things mainly for style inspiration...but when it comes to 'life' as well as plethora of other things, I love to get my inspiration from the people around me.

I was in a class tonight and a girl had said something that kept replaying in my head and she had said " I just don't get why people have such an interest in other peoples lives? its weird" For me I would rather be inspired by those around me and know that if i am going through hardship & they've gone or is going through the same thing I can be inspired by what their doing, for style...it reminds me that its actually attainable and realistic of trying to put together an ensemble that is DVF ss2010 inspired...and the list goes on...sooo if that by any means is wierd because i have an interest in what your wearing or a quote that's touched you & might touch me as well or any other thing (the list could go on and on)....then so be it.haha

So to end this, thanks Jen for being an inspiration of just being you.

This was one of Jens wedding photos, her dress was vera wang and her shoes were poetic License! So cute OH! and if your wanting to red jen's blog here's the link

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