05 December 2009

advent conspiracy

Last Christmas was done a bit different...and this year will be done the same way & I hope when I have a family of my own I will continue to do it this way. It's a thing by the name of Advent Conspiracy. Its about giving of your self relationally & spending less, so others can be blessed. So what do you do if your going to be buying less gifts? You make them! So in 'honor'? of AC I will be posting D.I.Y ideas and inspirations through out the entire month of Dec. to hopefully inspire you to go out and try some of these projects, so you can give them as gifts this Christmas :)

...and to start of this journey? of Advent motivation/thoughts... its a website that I love to sit at for hours by the name of Oncewed.com! Yes, i am aware that it is a 'wedding' website & obviously i am not a bride to be, but you can still get ideas. Anything from the runners to place in your house,centerpieces, party ideas and the list goes on...but for AC I LOVED these cute little napkin rings that average about LESS then a DOLLAR for each ring! gotta love that!

So here are some pictures and make sure to head over to this link for the instructions.

and I just had to post this video from one of the featured weddings that was D.I.Y on Oncewed.com as well as the Advent Conspiracy promo video.

Jessica & Tad - Wedding from LemonLime Photography on Vimeo.


Inspiration in Italy said...

These images look beautiful. Good luck with your upcoming risks and bravo for taking the plunge with your endeavors. That is too funny about Southern CA - San Clemente is beautiful and we used to drive right through it all the time!


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely!

Dejana • shopsterium.blogspot.com said...

i really like your blog!