17 December 2009

christmas season

D.I.Y crafts: the 'poopy' clutch by is*ly! i love this little clutch and its really easy!
here is the link

and heart: right about this time I am 100% in the christmas spirit and this year I just haven't felt like christmas has really penetrated into my heart. We have no tree, nativity set, fun christmas decorations up in my house just ONE spiral light up tree out front. I had the chance to have coffee with a friend which at one point the both of us had both felt this same exact feeling, so on my way home I started to think are the tree's and small porcelain people what places me in the 'cmas' spirit?? And the obvious answer is no. but as I continued to sort out the things that i am praying through in my heart spiritually...i was reminded that the things i am sorting out in my heart all of it centers on Christ. the meaning of Christmas, and Christ's many traits is JOY...so i am rejoicing in my trials. and rejoicing in what's yet to come....so even though i may not be as joyful as i usualy am when it comes to the christmas lights or the smell of a free christmas tree...i am joyful in the one who is in the center of it all. Jesus.

With your unfailing love you lead
the people you have redeemed.
In your might, you guide them
to your sacred home.- Exodus 15:13