16 August 2009

NYC living

I moved back home few weeks before June and by the 2nd of week of June I accepted a job offer to move out to NYC for 2 months and I was outta of visalia once again...and just like the shirts read I LOVE NYC, i now know why those shirts sell like crazy because I fell in LOVE with the city! ESP. the Village area.

I had the chance to work with Project Morry and with it, I met the most amazing children and staff. As tough as it was at times, the challenging parts were the ones that made me grow the most. I learned so much about my self and was able to really define what it means to truly love one another & your quote on quote 'enemies' but most of all I was challenged daily on being accountable to bear the fruit of HIS attributes-(quote by Travis Aicklen)...and to sum it up in a lump it was the most spiritual experience in a non church setting and i loved every bit of it.
Here are some pictures for you to see...

Grand Central Station & Our first stop when we arrived

bryant park...place where Fash. Week takes place! :]

typical tourist pic. before our first subway ride!

some new friends, a night out in the city!

waiting for the kids to arrive!

this was Dream Lake and it was in the middle of the Camp...i miss seeing this everyday

This was our friend Ed from England :) night of staff talent show! we performed Dancing Queen here is a short clip...

Wells thats just about it, flew in yesterday so today I need to prep for class tomm!

Live Love.

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Anonymous said...

great pictures! i think chris' cousin donna peters did this last summer...glad you had a good time, i'd really like to go to nyc someday. :)