28 March 2009



came home (visalia) for a bit and just cooked egg plant parmigiana and steamed some veggies! yum.

i got bangs which i now ask my self why didn't i get them earlier? please excuse the out of the norm picture, we were stuck on the 5 in traffic on the way to hollywood...haha
moved to the beautiful san clemente and live walking distance to the beach those are the stairs i have to walk down to the beach...150 steps going down and back...i hope my legs look a little more decent doing those almost daily haha because their KILLER!!!
and that's all about i can think of ...i think my stomach is over powering my thoughts. next time i will post longer for y'all :) LIVE LOVE.


Anonymous said...

i love you and your blog! =) i need to come visit you.. its beautiful!! how far away are you from rancho cucamonga?

rae events said...

your bangs are adorable! i just cut some a couple months ago and have regretted it...growing them out! i guess i'm not a bangs person. :)