02 March 2009

the veil

I now know why I have an obsession with weddings...it's because I am reminded of the intimacy and love in the same way that the Lord has for his bride. The love that is spoken in song of songs...the type of love that makes your eyes water over the simplicity of just sitting in shade and savoring his warm love and grace.(Song of Songs 2:3-4 the message trans.)

The love that is felt when the groom is lifting the veil and gazing into his brides eyes and seeing beauty and knowing that this love that God has for us is even more powerful and forgiving and kind, but with this love their is fear and that the thought of leaving the alter is a fear within my heart of loosing the burning fire that is felt when the Lord lifts our veils and reminds me of my beauty and calling me HIS. That bride underneath the veil is me and you...we are HIS bride and He is our groom and I only long to desire this ceremony over and over and living fearful of breaking the heart of LOVE.

1 comment:

smalls said...

You are amazing.

I envy your grasp on faith.

I want to see you soon, future M.O.H..

Come and give me some of your love.