12 February 2009

love love love

So as a kid I've always had my eye on fashion! I loved playing dress up but not your typical type of dress up where you and your friend would just dress up how ever you would like, when I played dress up I would make sure it matched and look some what decent and I could play it for HOURS!! ha

I never thought of actually pursuing it as an actual career, even in high school I didn't think of going to a fashion school or anything but then again part of my 'HS YEARS' i wasn't all 'there' if you know what I mean (that's in the past now)! Now that i am 21 (ugh! so old) I am well aware of the various opportunities you can have in the fashion industry but as side from just the job opportunities...what I love about it is the RUSH and excitement! If you ever have worked a fashion show you know the anticipation when you are waiting back stage or even in front of the house until the music starts, and the rush of making sure all your models are in place and the clothes is fitting properly, making sure your dressers are ready with the models next outfit to go and make sure they do it in LESS then 60 seconds! (yes accessories and shoes!!), but what tops it off is looking from backstage and seeing all the photographers at the end of the runway with all the flash bulbs going off at once hoping their shot is the one that will make it into WWD and the people in the front and second rows just gazing at the art on the runway. All of this just gives me an over whelming amount of joy and energy...and to think you could have all this fun and get paid for it...well who wouldn't want to do it??

AGH! Sound's ridiculous to most of you, but I LOVE all aspects of this industry, and today I started working on my entrance project for fashion school and I thought I would share it to see what my fellow bloggers thought!

sorry for the poor quality of picture...I stretched it out so you can see it a bit better...but I think I made it worse. The lettering is describing a young publicist living in upper east side NYC working for a top Fashion/Entertainment PR Firm and her life style etc. Later on once I am done with Part 2 of the project which includes this girls outfits that she would typically wear, I will post pictures of my completed project.

Well i am sure that's enough fashion obsession....here is a video of the Betsey Johnson fashion show to get a glimpse of this excitement, even though its more amazing LIVE!


Anonymous said...

Secretly I love fashion too. No one would guess it though, but when you're a mommy of two and on a budget you just wear what you have I guess. I put everyone else first (as Chris would say, I "martyr" myself, but it makes me SO mad when he says that). In my own little world I wear every single outfit that Anne Hathaway wore in The Devil Wears Prada and I look just like Hilary Swank in P.S. I Love You. I know, those movies don't even scatch the surface of what fashion really is, but I'm just sayin' I feel ya! I'm glad you are pursuing your dream. There's nothing like it. Good luck in all you do Kim, have fun along the way!

kimricosays said...

Thank you so much! And you know what you can totally have an affordable fashion closet...hello Forever 21 and H&M! haha
Being a poor college student I have to find ways of making this obbession affordable...and as far as copying outfits from Devil wears Prada I couldn't agree more, her outfits were KILLLER! haha

Thank you for being such an encouragement :)