16 February 2009

day 2

it's day 2 of joining the many others in finding grace in the little things :)

1) Being able to sleep in until 10am!
2) ZICAM for helping me sleep in that late, after ending my valentine night with a throbbing headache and sinus pains :(
3) Banana Nut Cheerios. Current obsession...if you haven't tried these, go out right now (yes leave the computer) and go out and buy a box! They are SO good!

4) Good lunch with Kristin & Jared in Laguna!

5) Being able to have 2 amazing meals...great breakfast & great dinner!

My valentine's started off with lunch with some family and had dessert at my FAV. Yogurt Land and then in the evening was spent with Rachel in Aliso Viejo, we got lost trying to find our way back home because we thought we could just find things/streets that looked familiar until we realized we were on the complete opposite side of town! haha Hope you all had a great valentines!

:) Live LOVE.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Banana Cheerios? Wha...? Yummy.

So glad you are doing this, I love to hear good things about everyone's day, you know? Pretty inspiring. :)

Keep it up! ♥