17 February 2009


I love these bible quote illustrations! If only I knew who was the artist behind them, I would give them all the credit in the world so people could go and see more of their amazing work!
Now only if they could make a bible that had fun illustrations like these...it would definitely give you something fun to look at (not saying that the word isn't interesting enough!ha) if there were a bible that had cool illustrations like these,wouldn't you want to go out and immediately buy it? I think I would be the first in line!


Christy said...

These are amazing! I'm not going to lie you're pretty amazing too!! Miss you girl!

Marissa Van Groningen said...

so rad!!! makes me want to stop working and do art :-)

Luke Mundy said...

Those are pretty cool! I have a friend that brings a sketchbook to church and bible study and draws whatever the teaching is inspiring. It's always interesting to see what comes out--especially of I'm doing the teaching!

Anonymous said...

you want to see something cool (but not Bible related)?

i LOVE this sketchblog.
it's pretty coolio and is what your post reminded me of.