08 September 2011

bring on year 24

This time last year I was celebrating turning 23 (tomorrow to be exact) sitting in 'the barn' of TOMS HQ with a room full of people who I had just met....AND just to clarify no TOMS does not have an actual barn its just the name of one of the meeting rooms that has these HUGE wooden doors. I think for most, spending your birthday at work...let alone a day FILLED with HR rules, employee introductions, paperwork etc. is not ideal or the idea of fun but it was fulfilling.

Looking back on that day I never would of thought I would of enjoyed spending my birthday at 'work', let alone with a room full of semi strangers...but that birthday and specific day was the start to one of the most growing years Ive had. That day was filled with a lot of mixed feelings but one of the feelings that resonated and overpowered over any feelings of disappointment was the feeling of joy and thankfulness, and I couldn't of asked for a better way to spend my birthday.

That day began the year of endless questions of defining who I am as a person, the things I am capable of and NOT capable..I was reminded of the joy in the simplicity of life and how much the gift of presence over presents is more of value.. I also dealt with a lot of things of my past that I just brushed under the rug hoping they would just take care of them selves....but they didn't and they surfaced, got dealt with and now my heart is in a better place.

It's in a better place because of the faithfulness that Jesus continues to pour into my life. For some, they seek out faith and the words that lie within the gospel when it comes to 'near life death experiences' but for me the same gospel that comes to rescue the needy in these 'near life death experiences' is the one I clinged to each day. If it can come to rescue those in these BIG events/tragedies how on earth could it not rescue the issues I have in everyday life?

I saw Jesus and the truth of gospel rescue and restore ME during this past year and I now know why those feeling of thankfulness and JOY resonated over any feelings of let down as I sat in the TOMS orientation. JOY AND THANKFULNESS triumphed over all emotions of disappointments that happened last year on Sept. 9th and the rest of the year...these emotions had set the theme for the year that came and went and I am eager to see what this year holds...bring on 24.

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