20 July 2011

oh girls...

There is a girl who comes into the place I work at...she has a new boyfriend just about every time she walks in and this my friends is no exaggeration. Now for most their reaction to this type of news should be excitement for her because its someone new in her life, its love yada yada but for me every time I see a new guy walk in with her it makes me sad.

...It makes me sad for her not because she always has a boyfriend or it makes me wonder and think what else could be going on...but it breaks my heart because I know that she doesn't understand her value that she is as a women and she tries to find it in these guys.

A women wont understand or find her entire worth and identity if she is always trying to find it through another person... this can only be done by discovering it on your own as an individual and then once you've come to this 'point' of recognizing your worth...you can then position your self to share this with a significant other. The fulfillment of being with a 'new' boyfriend will only be temporary and if the guy lets you down or doesn't fill all of those needs that the heart of this women is needing she will continue to search for the next. It's cyclical and from the sound of her voice when she is introducing me to her new boyfriend it sounds tiring.

I can only hope that one day this girl will realize their is beauty in being single and embracing singleness and figuring out more and more of you by your self....and when an opportunity for love comes a long it will be a PURSUIT that was worth the wait.

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