18 May 2011

life has been...

... spent here these past few months:

-lived with 6 of the most loving people while sharing a 2 bedroom beach house in Venice

-interned for a fashion PR boutique

-ditto for TOMS Shoes

-spent a month exploring Texas (well Austin specifically...and fell in LOVE)

-experienced my first NYC fashion week & winter weather

-attended the glorious railroad revival tour

-appreciated the beauty that the desert has to offer while on the long road trip to AZ

-discovered a bazillion hidden talents my family has to offer and who are now helping me make my designs come to life for IS&HF

-accepted the fact that my life doesn't and won't look like the typical 24 year old life

...the list could go on. but it won't.

Just know that the beauty of life happened and i am back here on blogger and excited to share more of the details of life and the new ones to come. For example the finishing of some new IS&HF summer designs...which i am dying to share with you...BUT I can't just yet. Until then here are some pictures to sum up my life since well? forever ago.

my intern days at TOMS shoes during MOVEMBER month.

just some of the sweet 'kittyhawk' crew on our last night together as interns!

Denni from the Chic Muse blog

the beautiful streets of the city

the view leaving NY...until next time!

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