18 August 2010

traffic hell

The other day when President Obama decided to stop in LA I was in Beverly Hills driving on Olympic on my way to an interview, but soon found out it was closed because they were preparing for his motorcade to drive down it. So my quick 6 mile drive turned into 2 hours and 45min. of traffic hell. and as people were cussing up a storm and resting their hands on their car horns I couldn't help but laugh and enjoy some goldfish in my car.

Yes I was upset that my gas light was on and my car was not moving in the traffic and realizing I was not going to make it to my interview, but I found no point in yelling at the guy in front of you because he isn't INCHING up a ways...so I chose to laugh about it while watching others and enjoy the melody's of Florence and the machine.

There is an overwhelming amount of peace when you finally come to grips that everything will be ok. If only other people felt this peace, traffic hell wouldn't of been as bad. Life is a lot more enjoyable when your not rushing through it.

and yes I made it out just in time before my car died, to fill it up with some gas and I got offered another interview time.

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