02 October 2009

no need for magazines

so the other day I was grocery shopping, and saw the new vogue out in the checkout isle...sooo tempted to buy it, but didn't.

and the reason? well my last elle purchase i was a bit let down....I spend $4-5 or more on a magazine looking for new inspiration and new things..and a lot of what I saw I've already seen on blogs..now not every single thing was old news, but by the time the magazine gets edited/printed the stuff they've researched on has already hit a lot of blogs before the issue hits the stands...and I think a lot of designers are realizing that, and have now featured their fashion shows online. For example the Louis Vuitton Women’s Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show which is broadcasting live on facebook on October 7th, which will be airing 2:30 Paris time.

so what I came to a realization is that online media is 1) a lot cheaper vs. going out or having to subscribe to various magazine's 2) it's so much faster to stay on top of trends or things going on in general through blogs or online media. 3) you can look to these bloggers for fashion that is affordable!

With all this said here is a feature on a blog which I like to follow by the name of StyleScrapbook and the name behind it is Andy Torres. Here are some fashion features from her blog, make sure to check it out!

Simple outfit with Harem ZARA pants

grey American apparel shirt

GREY SHOES-unknown

Skirt: H&M

Grace Jones shirt:


ZARAAnkle buckle boots:

SACHAHeadband: DIY

I had to post the picture of the close up of her CUTEE shoes that is featured in outfit 1. If only I could get my hands on a pair of these.... Well that's all for now. LIVE love.



She is gorgeous! I love all her outfits =) great style.

fuschiaaa said...

I like the trousers!

Maud said...

Your studded boots came from Zara?
OMG i want that