30 September 2009


"Let them lie face down in the dust; then at last there is hope for them"-Lamentations 3:29

This verse has been in my head constantly. I am quick to forget His presence in the situations where there are unanswered questions...and then I think of this book. Lamentations is poetry of suffering and of hope... when we feel were holding on to one last string...it reminds us that with this 'pain' there comes compassion and a overflowing amount of LOVE that is not failing.

lately for me, I am learning to find joy of where i am at now and knowing that i am being prepared...and i am still not exactly sure how exactly that looks like...but I have visions & dreams....and it's when I lie face down in the dust...that these visions continue to flourish and grow. It's hope.

and speaking of dust, i got lots of it on my boots yesterday while shooting some pictures with an amazing women, by the name of Rachel Smith. So enjoy these... and to end it..here's a quote...i will post one with every post i do from now..enjoy. live love.

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riversandoceans said...

i just want to let u know i think that you're amazing!