21 November 2008

hello tags

yes. the blue little squares with the blue writing that reads: hello my name is_______.

well if you haven't noticed my name is Kim and

I long for that relationship that I dreamed about when I was a little girl and heck even now.

I long for the relationship the one that comes with the never ending smile on my face and butterflies, especially when those arms wrap around you and you feel protected and warm

I long for that 'special' connection that I will have with "no one" else but him

I long for the rainy days which comes along with movies and hot chocolate with the small little marsh mellows

What I don't understand is why do I long for this 'happiness' in a relationship with another human being....I mean I know we were meant to be in relationships with one another but why do I find my self thinking of these desires not A LOT but quite frequently. My relationship with God is great..but I want to be able to sit and have hot chocolate with God and know that He has arms wrapped around me and gives me the comfort of protection. I want to have that "special" connection in God...That's all.

And the next time I am wearing my Hello name tag I want to know I've found this happiness in God and HEY! If He puts a man fearful of breaking God's heart in my life then great...but right now I want to continue to fall in love with God.

1 comment:

miss lee said...

i think were in the same boat.
maybe a canoe.
either way, were both seeking God and HIS amazing love.

geez. were cool.

when are we playing in the leaves again?