16 May 2010


its refreshing to see when men actually put a little thought into their style and stay away from the typical plain ol' American apparel V neck, skinny Urban jeans or during the summer it switches to cut off jean shorts and then add the fedora to top it off. (i my self am a fedora user so i am not hating) haha.

fabrizio (the editor of Brazilian vogue) did an excellent job with the oxfords, the SLIM rolled plaid pants and jacket all in the blue color pallet.
and this women even though she isin't a man or wearing oxfords I love the rolled up sleeves on the suit style jacket. and it reminded me how much I love and missed wearing my heels!
pictures by the sartorialist
*clarification for those of you who need it. i am NOT saying i dislike the v necks, skinny's etc. just saying its Nice?to see something other then that*geez.

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E said...

I like the polished menswear too :-)