09 May 2010

One day without Shoes Visalia

Yesterday after being asked the same question about a million times by a reporter who was interviewing me on the TOMS One day without shoes event... I had remembered that I didn't post anything on the TOMS event that took place in Visalia!!

On April 8th TOMS shoes put together a national event called One day without shoes which invited people to go the entire day without wearing shoes to raise awareness on the problem in 3rd world countries with kids without shoes but most importantly expose us to what it feels like if we were to have no shoes. With more awareness on TOMS(with every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.) = More kids getting a new pair of Shoes.

So Let me tell you about the event...it turned about FANTASTIC!! We got hundreds of shoes donated to the rescue mission, people inspired even more (there was even some tears involved) to stand behind the brand of TOMS after seeing the documentary, people got their hands on a new pair of TOMS Shoes, in the walk downtown we had over 250 people! but overall it was just a great great night with some pretty cool people who came together to support 2 pretty rad company s. TOMS & The Visalia Rescue Mission.

Here is just a brief preview of some of the night. Enjoy.
group shot of people who took part in the walk downtown
a little fun in the photo booth we had provided by Drop it Modern & Third Element Studios
these ladies did an AWESOME job on just about anything they got their hands on the night of the event!
the pile of shoes that were donated that night
great shot of people in the middle of the walk
inside 210 watching the TOMS documentary
some pretty sweet friends & I at the end of the documentary
some fancy feet without shoes.
live love.

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