15 April 2010

who are you?

Mike Larson. He takes BEAUTIFUL pictures and I first heard about him through my friend Chelsea who had the chance to book him for her WEDDING!!!

I can not tell you how many times I've watched this video...besides the amazing music that is playing in the background i love mike Larson's quote on being an artist and talking about how your business will grow your character but that your CHARACTER should be the driving force behind the growth... he states

""the whole reason me wanting to share with you is so you wouldn't waste a single day of your life but leaving here you would be equipped and encouraged and challenged to really grow your business but to allow your business to grow your character so your character can be the driving force that grows your business" -Mike Larson"

how powerful is that? In a business, in a friendship, even in my In spirit and human form business..it all comes down to the character. Through every aspects of whatever type of business you do their will be hard parts and good parts but its through these moments that you make a choice to look at them and put a focus on them or look at them and allow them to mold your heart, spirit...character.

How is your character represented? What exactly defines your character? How do YOU want your character defined as?

So many questions but all good ones...it only excites me for upcoming projects and knowing that all along the way I hope that as great as it is when 'business' grows I hope that its my character in the relationships I have that is expanding the growth along side of the product.

Enjoy the video...

Mike Larson Workshop from Ben Potter & Drew Barefoot on Vimeo.

I hope one day I can attend one of his workshops!

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