28 October 2009

the vows

most of you might be expecting the rest of my fashion week post..and it's coming promise...but this blog is called in spirit and human form for a reason. I want to write about my inspirations that i see visually and spiritually.

and today was one of those spiritual days...

it seems as if fall is the season for weddings, and this past weekend i was able to attend one. Ive blogged about before why i have a love for weddings, one of my guy friends in particular is convinced that when I meet the 'one' i am going to scare him off because he thinks i have my entire wedding planned out etc.etc. ha ha(let me clarify that, i DONT) but I just think that the whole ceremony part is such a spiritual "event"...believer or not.

There are 2 people in front of family and friends making a public declaration of their love and commitment to each other...for me, it reminds me of getting baptized. At one point we make a decision to take part of a proposal between us and God...showing our commitment of our love to our maker. It's amazing! At the wedding I was at, the bride had pulled out a paper at the very end of the ceremony and read aloud her commitment to her husband...her personal vows., and as she was reading it i noticed the paper was shaking...at this point I was worried my mascara and eye liner was running...I thought to my self, this women has such a strong love for her husband that its such an overwhelming emotion it shakes her, that's the kind of love I want to have with God...and then I started to think, what would my 'vows' sound like if I had to read them out loud to God?! or better question who are you writing your vows for?!

Here is an engagement picture done by Megan Welker

two people who have a love for each other with the cross. amazing amazing picture.

Don't be afraid or ashamed
and don't be discouraged.
You won't be disappointed.
Forget how sinful you were
when you were young;
stop feeling ashamed
for being left a widow.
The LORD All-Powerful,
the Holy God of Israel,
rules all the earth.
He is your Creator and husband,
and he will rescue you
. -Isaiah 54:4-5 (CEV)

LIVE LOVE today in your actions


Casey MacKenzie Johnson said...

wow. I never thought of writing vows to God.

btw, let me know if you ever come to SF- we'll be BFFs

Inspiration in Italy said...

I love this. I absolutely agree with you on how important the wedding ceremony is, and what an incredible commitment before family, friends, but most importantly before God. It is nice to see this, because it seems that too often the reception becomes the focus for most brides. Wonderful post!!!