10 September 2009

the golden one

I turned 22 today!! (9/9/09) and from what I hear since it's all the same numbers it's my 'GOLDEN' birthday?! or something a long those lines.
and today's events were as followed: I got lots of lovely messages wishing me a happy birthday..and I got the last of my box's from NYC which means I got the last of my Marc Jacobs stuff (yeeeeeeeeeees) and my products from LUSH! and with that....I pampered my self with my amazing lush products and enjoyed a fab lunch with my mother and late dinner with my father and ended it with my addiction plain tart froyo with the company of a great friend.

But if I would of still been in NYC I would of liked to have spent it like this (yes I fell in love with this city)...

first going to the bleecker st. Magnolia Bakery and getting a red velvet cupcake...and heading over to the park across the street from Marc Jacobs and sit and just enjoy the scenery (sounds lame but until you see this park and area just shut it ha)

and then the next night attending Vogue's fashion night out and browsing through the designer stores I cant afford and stare at the creative window displays all along Madison and Soho in hopes of running into Wintour or Carolina...
but it didn't happen and that's FINE! because I had a lovely birthday surrounded with people who love me and I love too...and i am so blessed for everything (the good and the bad) that Jesus has given me. It's been an eventful 22 years!!

and to end it here's a picture of Uncle Karl ha ha with a barbie cake...which brings back memories of me when I was younger and being obsessed of choosing new outfits for my barbie! ha wow. i am done


Marissa Van Groningen said...

girl!!! happy birthday!!!

Joel Hedlund - Elevate said...

Hope you had a great Birthday Kim,
have an amazing week. look forward to seeing you around.