24 August 2009

leather jacket

After various times of trying on numerous leather jackets I finally found one with the proper fit...now if only this weather would cool down. I've been wanting one since last fall and after seeing all these look books today it's making me want to pull it out of my closet it now and wear it...yes even in Visalia's 90+ degree weather.

But until that time comes..here are some looks that might nudge you to go out and find the proper leather jacket for you

the last look for men's I threw it in there because i am really loving the cropped pants with the layering of the plaid underneath the jacket! Another look I was so against for a while were the Oxfords, but I am really starting to like them esp. the style in which the model is wearing in the picture above with the black leather jacket and skinny denim.

ok is this not the cutest children's fashion look?!?! I love the fact that he is wearing a fedora.Picture credit thanks to The Sartorialist

Well that's all...LIVE LOVE.


jen said...

he is precious

Natalie said...

that is so my kid lol well when i have some.. i love his outfit!!! so adorable!

Maud said...

Oooh soooo cute!

I'm following your blog,
If u like mine u can do the same :-D

sorry for my bad english