20 February 2009


So I've been a bit of a slacker on blogging on the little things about grace...so I thought I would list the things I've found grace in, in the past couple days.

1) God being able to provide me with just enough money for the things I need

2 & 3)Yesterday met up with my little brother in Newps and we had lunch at a GREAT Thai place and hung out at the beach. I am so thankful for being able to have a relationship with my brother and the beautiful sight of the beach.

4)CRAVE at saddleback last night was just what I needed for a re-awakening in my spirit.

5)My credit card people being so understanding

6)Elle magazine & the sartorialist for inspiration for my admission's project!

7)My mom for always sending me cute text messages through out the day with a smiley at the end of each one (she just learned how to put a smiley in her text messages) & constantly affirming the great things God is going to bring to me

8)Pastor Jeff Atherton for calling and always being such an encouragement and reminding me of how my relationship with the Lord has strengthened over the past 5-6 years

9) over all just being able to find strength in everyday to go after the spirit of the man who came to earth in human flesh to die for my wrong doings and setting the bar high for defining PERFECT love
10) OH! and finding Grace in quotes like this one...

ps. i cant believe i am posting this on my blog but i need a job, so if you know anyone hiring in the orange county area let me know!!!


Ian said...

Forzen yogurt? You would love lemon sorbet or lemon ice cream.

rae events said...

i love that quote...awesome! i have to say that i am NOT into the big shoulder pads that are coming back this season. shoulder pads are for football players and should remain on the football field. period. end of story. wish i could be of help with a job. :( i know god will provide though. he always does. just not always in our timing.